On November 12, the Law School unveiled a portrait of Anna Pauline “Pauli” Murray ’65 JSD. A tireless advocate for marginalized Americans, Murray (1910–1985) was a lawyer, scholar, professor, poet, author, women’s and civil rights activist, and Episcopal priest. In 1965, she became the first African American woman to earn the Doctor of Science of Law degree from the Law School.

“When it feels as if our society stands at the edge of a precipice; when our faith in humanity is flagging; when we are exhausted from our efforts; when the mere existence of members of our community is challenged — we must remember Pauli,” said Dean Heather Gerken at the ceremony. Portrait by Daniel Mark Duffy. Photo: Harold Shapiro.

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Baseball Commissioner honored by Yale Law School

Fay Vincent, Yale Law School '61 was recently honored at Yale Law School for his contributions.  Portrait Artist Daniel Mark Duffy collaborated with the subject over the winter and unveiled the portrait painting at an intimate event held on May 10, 2016.   One of the finest story tellers, Mr Vincent had me on the edge of my seat and in fits of laughter throughout our time together.  It continues to be a thrill and an honor to meet and work with so many fascinating men and women.  

Circuit Court Judge, Barrington Daniels Parker Jr. honored at Yale

April 7, 2016

Yale Law School honors one of its' own:  Judge Barrington Daniels Parker Jr., United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit was surrounded by family, friends and every single individual who clerked for him throughout his tenure, 61 clerks!  He remains my most enthusiastic and curious subjects and the portrait expresses our engaged experience.  

Official Portrait of John E Sexton, New York University President 2002-2015

The Official Portrait of my friend and most inspiring advocate, Dr. John E Sexton, was presented on December 6, 2015 at a New York University Trustee event held in the Hall of Presidents, Bobst Library, Washington Square South, NY, NY.  

It was the culmination of 15 years of painting John and his family, friends and colleagues that forever changed the course of my life and direction in my work.  He is an extraordinary human-being who inspires everyone around him to be better than they ever imagined.  

Portrait Dedication, Richard L. Revesz, Dean, NYU Law School

(left to right) Anthony Welters, artist Daniel Duffy, Jeannie Forrest

Dean Richard Revesz and artist Daniel Duffy

 (left to right) Jeannie Forrest, Barry Friedman, Nicholas Bagley, Honorable Elena Kagan, Richard Revesz, Anthony Welters, Kenji Yoshino, Honorable Robert Katzman


University of Limerick Medical School Appoints First Artist-in-Residence

Accomplished fine artist Professor Daniel Duffy was recently appointed the first Fellow in the Humanities at the Graduate-Entry Medical School, University of Limerick (UL).  His position as artist-in-residence is the first of its kind for a medical school in Ireland and is supported by Lundbeck Ireland, a pharmaceutical company specialising in the treatment of central nervous system conditions such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. 

(left to right) University of Limerick Professor Paul Finucane, MD, Eithne Boyan, Managing Director, Lundbeck Ireland, Daniel Duffy, Fellow in the Humanities recipient

Lundbeck Visiting Fellow in Humanities, The Magic Bulletin 

Art for medicine’s sake, Irish Medical Times 

dc museumgoer, Portraits of Pain and Bravery

Irish journalist and activist Nell McCafferty wins for bravery. Portrait of Nell by Daniel Mark Duffy celebrates a woman who decided to “get over herself” at age 60 and confront aging head on. I’m impressed. A defiant f**k you to youth; a salute to life, well-lived.

Portrait Unveiling, Wharton School of Business, Jay and Patty Baker, Trustees

Bakers portrait unveiling.
Photo by Dr. Amy Gutmann, Penn President

Jay and Patty Baker with the artist Daniel Duffy.
Photo by by Dr. Amy Gutmann, Penn President

Thomas Robertson, Dean unveils Duffy's portrait of Wharton trustees Jay and Patty Baker.
Photo by Dr. Amy Gutmann, Penn President


Pictured at the Wharton School of Business, Portrait dedication ceremony : Patty, Jay, Dr. Amy Gutmann (Penn President), Thomas Robertson (Dean, Wharton).
Photo by by Dr. Amy Gutmann, Penn President